This international workshop is dedicated to the start of the construction of the Platform for Research and Applications with Electrons: PRAE. It will enable discussions between the project teams and external groups interested by PRAE.

PRAE is a future platform based on a performant electron beam of 70 MeV energy that will be constructed in the former site of the linear accelerator at LAL. PRAE is dedicated to precision measurements in subatomic physics (charge radius of the proton), radiobiology (developing promising techniques for future radiotherapy applications), instrumentation (beam test facility for detector R&D) and accelerator developments centered at the PRAE machine.


The purpose of the PRAE Workshop is to bring together the leading experts of the PRAE domains – accelerator techniques, instrumentation, subatomic physics and radiobiology, to promote PRAE to the research, academic, and industrial communities.  The aim is to broaden the PRAE scientific program, enlarge the user community, and identify new synergies between the participants.

This symposium (jointly organized by IMNC, IPNO and LAL) is the first international PRAE workshop. It will take place at IPNO and LAL in Orsay on October 8-10, 2018. The first day of the workshop, Monday October 8th, a technical session will be held in the morning, while general public presentations will take place in the afternoon in the Auditorium of LAL. Topical sessions on radiobiology/Radiotherapy, subatomic physics and instrumentation will be held on October 9th and 10th in the Auditorium of IPNO.

A social buffet will be organized in the Science ACO museum at noon before the public session on October 8th. The workshop dinner will take place in the evening of October 9th.


Among the already confirmed keynote speakers, you will find:
Prof. Manjit Dosanjh (CERN, CH), Prof. Randolf Pohl (Uni Mainz, DE), Dr. Anna Subiel (NPL, UK), Dr. Andreas Schueller (PTB, DE), Dr. Frederic Pouzoulet (Inst. Curie, FR), Dr. Vincent Favaudon (Inst. Curie, FR), Dr. A. Afanasev, (George Washington University, US), M. Battaglieri, INFN Genova (IT), O. Tomalak, Mainz University (DE), Anna Vignati, NPL (IT) and Dr. Jan Bernauer (Stony-Brook University, US).

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